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Genius Roll

provides a first class teaching, orientation and admission guide to secondary school leavers as they traverse their course into the university locally and internationally. In addition we equip these young people on the three key areas of capacity building namely: Foreign languages, vocational / entrepreneurial skills and Information technology. The system we have adopted has been producing students who are vast in knowledge. They also discover and start to explore their passion early enough even as an undergraduate. We use both traditional and advanced technologies as a means of teaching and disseminating information to students. Our management team consists of able personalities who are either or combination of being a serial entrepreneur, having international education experience, members of professional bodies or immersed in one or more foreign Language.
waec, utme, ielts, toefl and sat tutorial and coaching

Academic Coaching (WAEC, UTME, SAT, IELTS TOEFL, ICAN)

- We resume official activities by 8: am every day of the week.
- There are morning classes from 9am-1pm daily and afternoon classes from 3pm to 6pm daily.
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ict, computer training

ICT Training:

- Students who wants to combine academic coaching with ICT training will take extra ICT training from 1:15pm to 2:45pm daily except Fridays.
- Students who takes only ICT training will also take their classes from Monday to Fridays either in the morning or afternoon as could be convenient for them.
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vocational training

Vocational Training:

- We give seminars, workshop and trainings to students on its importance and encourage them to outsource. However interested students can benefit from our partner vocational centers and enjoy standard training at a subsidized cost
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foreign languages and french language

Foreign Language:

-At the moment, we take only French language because of the relationship being developed with the Alliance Français, Ibadan. Our French teachers are drawn from their pool of experienced and qualified instructor. We also use their instructional materials and our students do attend the weekly “conversation classes” at their center.
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campus genius, quiz, competition and quiz competition
- Our quiz competitions for students in senior secondary schools and undergraduates in tertiary institutions. It is tagged “Campus Genius”. It’s majorly IQ test.
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